Frequent Questions
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• What is AdrenaLAN?
AdrenaLAN is the current convention being produced by Gaming for MS. First and foremost, AdrenaLAN is a LAN party event run by the Louisiana Mercenaries and Gaming for MS. Our goal is to organize and host very large LAN (Local Area Network) parties with many gamers on an annual basis in the North Louisiana area. Gamers bring their computers and show up to play multiplayer computer games for nearly 60 hours straight, while having a fun time and meeting other fellow gamers. Anyone who enjoys playing computer games can attend, there is no age or gaming skill restriction.
• What does LAN stand for?
LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network, which is a way of connecting multiple computers together in a manner that allows them to communicate freely with one another. With the advent of multiplayer computer games, LANs have become increasingly popular as a way to play head-to-head with others without suffering with the effect known as "lag", or latency. Other advantages of a LAN, besides the speed, are the ability to meet the gamers you're playing against, the fun of playing many different games at one sitting, tournaments, face to face competition, and the opportunity to learn more about the applications and/or operating systems you're currently using.
• Who organizes AdrenaLAN?
Gaming for MS is a video game industry charity organization which hosts competitive gaming events each year. Since 2001, Gaming for MS has continued to hold one of the largest computer gaming events across the south.
• What is the BYOC?
BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer (or Console). It is a LARGE LAN of around 200+ computers and servers on our fully switched network. There will be several official and unofficial tournaments held in the BYOC, which you can participate in using your own computer. AdrenaLAN and its sponsors will provide many game servers for you to play on, and there will be many people running servers on their own computer as well. You may only bring one computer.
• How much does it cost to attend AdrenaLAN?
The entry for AdrenaLAN is $30.00 if you pay online up to 2 weeks prior to the event. After this cutoff date, you will have to pay at the door. The entry fee at the door is $45 for all 3 days of the event, or $15 per day. Tournament entry fees are separate from the event entry and are between $5 and $10 per tournament. The tournament entry fees are the deciding factor in all tournament cash prizes.
• How do I get into AdrenaLAN?
To attend AdrenaLAN, you must be registered. You can register at the event itself, but you may not get a spot in the tournaments or BYOC. The only way to guarantee a spot in either one is register here!

Space in the BYOC and tournaments is limited, and you are strongly encouraged to register to ensure that you get a spot.

• If I am under 18 can I still go to AdrenaLAN?
Yes, however you will need to have a waiver signed by your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) before we will allow you into AdrenaLAN. ALL attendees must sign a Mandatory Waiver or they will not be admitted to the event. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You do not need to be over 18 to play in the official tourneys or participate, either.

• If I am over 18 do I still need to sign a waiver?
Yes, ALL attendees must sign a Mandatory Waiver or they will not be admitted to the event. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• Do I need to bring an ID to check in?
Yes, a valid state, federal, passport, or international government picture ID must be presented at check-in. School IDs that have a photo will also be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• When can we check-in? Can I get in on Thursday night like in past years?
Officially, Check-In begins Friday at 10am. Everybody gets there, lines up, and goes through the registration process of verifying that they have the right equipment, getting their badge, and finding out any network information.

In the past we have allowed 'early check-ins' after the entire BYOC setup has been completed by the volunteers. Keep in mind, however, that this isn't set in stone for this year and never really has been in the past. Essentially we do early check-in as long as there's time after setup ends. Yes, you could conceivably wait in line all day and not even get to check-in at all.

Once again, early check-in is a HUGE maybe (this year there's going to be A LOT to setup and it could very well take longer than in years past), so officially, check-in will begin on Friday at 10am. Don't bug the volunteers to see if you're going to get in because you'll get in, like we always say, "When it's done"

• Do volunteers get hotel rooms?
No, all volunteers must find their own place to stay during AdrenaLAN.
• I need an written invitation to get a travel Visa. Can you send me one?
Sorry, but due to legal limitations, AdrenaLAN and Gaming for MS are prohibited from sending invitations to those unable to come without one.
• What games are going to be played in the BYOC?
Any game you want. While we expect the most popular games will be Counter-Strike or Battlefield and their various expansions/mods, many other games will also be played in the BYOC. Chances are good that if you want to play a game there is someone else who also wants to play that game. Please note that any multiplayer game you want to play must support TCP/IP. (Most do)
• Will Counter-Strike be the only official games played at AdrenaLAN?
No, we will have servers for other games which a vast majority of attendees request. AdrenaLAN is a celebration of all video games! If you would like to see a particular mod or game run, feel free to suggest it.
• How late is the BYOC Open?
The BYOC will be open 24 hours a day. There will be no stop to the multiplayer action throughout the event!
• Can I give my BYOC spot to someone else?
No, once you register for a spot, it is yours. If you will not be attending send an e-mail to and let us know. Your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

BYOC seats are non-transferrable; selling or giving your BYOC spot to anotther person is strictly not allowed.

• Can I bring my hub/router/switch to AdrenaLAN?
No, you will not be allowed to bring any extraneous networking equipment into the BYOC area. The only device you are allowed to bring is a Network Interface Card. Any other items MUST be left in your car, room, or at home. We will NOT allow them into the BYOC. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• How many computers can I bring to the BYOC?
One (1). You are only allowed one computer per person to be brought into the BYOC area. A laptop is considered a computer, so you are not permitted to bring a laptop and a desktop machine. You should also leave your game servers at home. We will have many servers running various games and mods for you to use.
• How many monitors can I bring into the BYOC?
One (1) monitor per person (MAXIMUM SIZE: 24") is allowed in the BYOC. This counts for CRT's, LCD's, and TV's.
• Can I bring speakers with me to the BYOC?
No. Speakers will not be permitted in the BYOC. Headphones only please.
• Can we save seats for friends/clanmates in the BYOC? Are seats assigned?
Not officially. All of the seats in the BYOC are first come-first serve and people can sit wherever they want. Whoever gets there first gets the first choice of seating, second gets what's left over, etc.

Groups or clans may ask others to leave space for their friends. Sometimes people even make signs to place on the tables. Generally, people are willing to accommodate and are friendly about it. It's rare that friends end up very far apart. But when space gets tight, you may not deny someone that needs your "reserved" space.

• Do I need to do anything with my PC to be able to play in the BYOC area?
Yes, the BYOC is an ethernet based TCP/IP network. This means that you will need an Ethernet network card, and have it installed in your computer. You will also need to make sure that you have the TCP/IP protocol installed for that network card. And because this is a free network you should be very careful with sharing files. If you are unfamiliar with file sharing please turn it off. This is to prevent others from reading all your files (which might contain CD-keys), and maybe even deleting the contents of your harddrive.
• I have no idea what you are talking about, can you guys help me out?
Yes, we will have network staff available in the BYOC to give you any assistance with setting up your machine that you may need. Just bring your computer, an Ethernet network card, and any driver disks that come with it and the installation CD for your operating system. Also, you may want to ask the people that are sitting around you to give you a hand. Don't worry about looking like a newbie, we're all glad to help out.
• How can I protect myself from viruses and people trying to hack into my computer?
AdrenaLAN has a dedicated staff of network security technicians that will be monitoring the network throughout the event for worms, viruses, and other anomalies. They will identify and act upon any perceived threat to either the network security or performance.

If your computer is found to be infected with a virus, it will be unplugged from the network until you can get it un-infected. Network staff will try and assist people in getting cleaned up, to the extent of that they have time.

All attendees should have their computers patched up to date before attending, and running a virus scanner is *highly* recommended.

As for hacking, well, if you discover that somebody is doing nefarious things on the network then just talk to one of our event staff and the situation will be dealt with very swiftly. In the past, people doing stuff like that have been ejected from the BYOC. AdrenaLAN is about fun. People who harm other people's computers are not fun. The AdrenaLAN staff can and will prosecute those who do illegal acts.

• Can I sleep in the BYOC?
No, you may not. It is against the venue policy. We also do NOT recommend sleeping in your car. Louisiana temperatures can get very high, and we don't need any of you getting heat stroke or worse.
• What kind of security will be at AdrenaLAN?
AdrenaLAN will have security provided by the local Police Department. There will be several uniformed (and armed) Police Officers on duty. An inventory sheet is filled out upon arriving at AdrenaLAN, and what you leave the BYOC with is checked against that sheet. Some years we have not allowed late-night checkouts. If you are planning to take your computer out of the BYOC late at night, please check with a member of the registration staff first.
• How do laptops fit into the BYOC rules?
Laptops are treated just like any other computer that somebody might bring into the BYOC. Once the cut-off time for bringing equipment out is reached (if we have one this year) then you wouldn't be able to remove a laptop, just like somebody else couldn't bring out their Mac or PC.

Some people have expressed concerns about the security of laptops since they tend to be a great deal more mobile than towers. If you are worried about your laptop walking away, please invest in a lock that can be simply fastened down to the table when you setup in the BYOC. However we cannot be held responsible if you lose your key, forget your combination, etc!

• Is Alcohol or Smoking allowed in the BYOC?
No, neither alcohol nor smoking is allowed IN the BYOC, however space for smoking will be provided. And if you want to drink, please do it in your hotel room.
• Can I bring my UPS?
Yes, you will be allowed to bring any UPS rated at 500VA or less.
• Will there be Internet access in the BYOC?
Yes, there will be Internet access in the BYOC. We will cap the bandwidth usage of each person in the BYOC at a reasonable limit so that you can use e-mail, chat on IM clients, IRC and, of course, browse the web. Large downloads, however, are strongly discouraged. We ask that you keep the line free for your fellow gamers. We will provide a file server which will have as many mods and patches as possible so you can download them locally. If anyone abuses the Internet access they will be blocked from further access. And if that doesn't help, we will shut of Internet access to the whole BYOC, so please do not ruin it for everyone.
• Will there be WiFi access in the BYOC/ Can I setup my own access point?
The venue provides a for-money wi-fi network, and the Event itself may (or may not) provide a free network. But bear in mind that the performance of the actual connection would degrade rapidly as more and more people used the connection. Picture hundreds if people plugged into a 10MB hub and you get some idea what its like.

Also, don't try running your own access point either. Essentially that introduces a backdoor to the BYOC that is just another security risk. The network security staff WILL be checking for this type of thing, so just don't do it.

• Will file sharing be allowed on the BYOC network?
No. Windows SMB/CIFS file sharing will be disabled. You will not be able to browse the network via network neighborhood or connect to other computers directly by IP address. All SMB traffic will be blocked at the core router. This was a decision made in response to the incredible number of viruses that exploit specific holes in Microsoft Windows.
• Can I bring my own chair?
Yes, as long as your chair will fir in the allocated space. If your chair does not, you will be asked to remove it.
• What are some general things that I'll need to bring with me?
Things you NEED:
  • Money (you will get hungry/thirsty/sleepy)
  • Picture ID
  • Your signed consent form
  • Your computer/monitor
  • Your Mice/keyboard/controller/headphones (if you use them)
  • Deodorant
  • A few changes of clothes (it's likely a few free t-shirts will come your way, however)
Things you dont NEED but should bring anyway:
  • Your drivers for your computer along with a bootable copy of your favorite operating system. You never know when you could have a problem.
  • If you are very cold natured then you might need a light jacket, some have complained that the BYOC is too cold.
• I'd like to run my own tournament in the BYOC. How can I organize that?
BYOC tournaments really bring the AdrenaLAN community together like few other things can. They're a great idea for you and friends, neighbors, or the whole BYOC to take part in!

However, there are a few rules to follow when starting your own tourneys in the BYOC that we ask that you please follow:

  • You may not accept sponsorship from any third-party companies for your tournament or use your tournament as advertisement for any company or group.
  • You may not publicize your Tournament as being officially sanctioned by AdrenaLAN.
  • Any prizes for your tournament must be offered out of pocket or from the generosity of donors.
  • You may not charge any kind of fee for your tournament, even if it is to be used as prize money.
  • The AdrenaLAN staff reserves the right to impose additional restrictions at a later date or to cancel any tournament at any time for any reason.
• Can I run my own DirectConnect server or other network services?
No. Non-official services like DC++/DHCP/etc will not be tolerated on the AdrenaLAN network. You are free to run game servers from your personal machines, however.

The final call on permission rests with the network staff. Violating this rule can lead to your ejection from the event or simply a stern warning.

• Can I play MMORPG's in the BYOC?
Access to MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft, Everquest, EVE Online and DAoC will be restricted if not blocked completely. DO NOT EXPECT TO HAVE ACCESS TO ANY INTERNET-BASED GAME WHILE AT AdrenaLAN.
• Can I bring my dog to AdrenaLAN?
Dogs are not allowed at AdrenaLAN. No prohibitions apply to guide dogs for the blind.
If for some reason you can't find the information you need, send us an email or contact us through Facebook or Twitter!
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